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Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?!

By Patrick Cuttica, Account Manager at SocialKaty, Inc.

I’ve asked myself this question the last three times I’ve driven on the Edens on my way into the city from O’Hare Airport. In fact, after the second time, I actually set a mental reminder to make sure I looked again — perhaps a little harder — the next time I was driving East on the Edens from O’Hare. Maybe if I was more prepared, ready for it, I’d get a better idea of what this giant, ridiculously bright digital billboard hanging on the side of an otherwise nondescript warehouse-looking brick building was promoting; or, at the very least, I’d be able to determine whose billboard it was.

No such luck.

Fast forward a couple of months and I have my answer. Apparently, it is the property and creative genius of Command Transportation, a Chicago-based logistics company (freight broker) with offices in Kansas City, St. Louis & Houston.

It seems that a witty, well-timed Olympics-meets-Pop-Culture themed meme (of sorts) on the almost blinding electronic sign has garnered a slew of attention from major media outlets. Nothing like leveraging Justin Bieber and the Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Qualifying Game to draw attention to yourself.

But, despite the slew of media coverage, did this publicity really give them the results they wanted (or think they deserve for being so witty)? It appears not:


As a digital marketer who is constantly thinking in terms of increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic, acquiring more downloads, sign-ups or customers, etc., this intrigued me.

While Command Transportation bemoans their inability to capture elusive Facebook “Likes” from such a timely and witty campaign — one that, dare I say it, may be bordering on “going viral” — I can’t help but thinking, in a broader sense, that they are really on to something.

One visit to their Twitter account, cleverly chosen as @CommandSign, will demonstrate that this isn’t their first crack at creating timely, relevant memes that would make just about anyone laugh — and maybe even put them in the same breath as Oreo or Arby’s with regards to timeliness and relevancy.


Whether they realize it or not (I think they do, kind of), @CommandSign is a perfect example of successfully marrying the old-school with the new reality in the marketing world. Essentially, they are taking the ingredients that make up a successful social media marketing tactic online (ie, sharing a funny meme on Facebook or sending a perfectly timed, clever tweet like Arby’s or Oreo), and they are broadcasting this content through a more traditional “old-school” media channel offline — a billboard.

How could they?! Print is dead! — you say? Apparently not, if you apply a little creativity and innovation. That said, getting back to their lament over being properly credited and rewarded for their wittiness, I’d offer two suggestions:

1. Your signs are well thought out and hilarious, but no one knows who you are!

  • It’s analogous to the @GSElevator Twitter handle in the sense that you’re catching people’s attention with snarky, borderline offensive (maybe to some) content; yet the only difference is, @GSElevator chooses to remain anonymous — it’s part of the schtick. This should not be the case for you, @CommandSign. How about you put a Command Transportation sign up somewhere on that massive brick wall next to the glowing billboard. Or, at the very least, put your Twitter handle in the bottom corner of each new meme you project on that sign!

2. If you’re going to be snarky (and hilarious) on the actual Command Sign, maintain that snarky and hilarious brand voice on the digital @CommandSign.

  • When, for whatever odd reason, people bombarded you on Twitter with requests to republish the photo of your sign, don’t just reply with “go right ahead” or “permission granted” (see below). Instead, oblige (seeing as though they didn’t really need to ask you anyway), but reply in the voice your billboard would, like: “Sure, maybe we’ll take a photo of your office someday too.” Even better, engage in actual conversation and get them to talk about your brand by replying with something like, “Yes, but only if you can explain what Command Transportation does.”

At the end of the day, we say kudos to you Command Transportation. We love what you’re doing with the @CommandSign, and we want to see you get the credibility you deserve as well!



Want to Get More Creative? A Designer’s Tips for Finding Inspiration.

Written by Cassie Oakes

Being the designer at SocialKaty puts a lot of creativity on my plate, but there are some days where it doesn’t come as easily as others. Throughout the day I rely on several different things to bring me inspiration. My favorite is to go for a walk… but this insane Chicago winter doesn’t make that very easy. Here are a few websites that can help you get creative when the creativity doesn’t seem to be flowing.


Being a virtual portfolio for creatives all over the world, Behance has great potential for inspiration.

Instead of looking at Social Media campaigns for your inspiration, try looking in a completely different direction. Getting your mind off the issue at hand is a great way to trick the mind into thinking up some amazing ideas.

Creative Bloq:

Print, web, 3D, tutorials & so much more all rolled into one. What could be better?!

Games! Oh - they’ve got those too.


They have a bit of everything, but every post seems to be the best of the best.

Some posts even involve science experience to take it one step nerdier like the above.


Now that you’ve got all those ideas… what are you going to do with them? That’s where 99U comes in.

You need to be able to prioritize and organize those thoughts to get anywhere!

For those of you who aren’t as into the design side of things, Pinterest can be a great place to find that inspiration you are looking for. Just keep in mind that looking in a different direction can lead to something amazing!

Now get out there and get inspired!



Calling all social media enthusiasts! Want an internship experience in a fast-paced, dynamic, and culturally unique environment?

SocialKaty is looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic candidates for our Spring 2014 Internship Program! The selective three-month internship at our River North office in Chicago provides hands-on experience working with our team of community managers to implement successful and unique cross-platform social media campaigns, promotions and contests for retailers, restaurants, e-commerce sites, tech platforms and dozens of awesome businesses.

Collaborate with Account Managers, designers, and our management team to better understand the mechanics and best practices of marketing through social media channels and build the foundation for a career in the social media field.

You will be exposed to a number of learning environments throughout the program such as:

  • Training on Facebook, Twitter, and Content Marketing

  • Certification in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

  • Creation and daily management of your own online community

  • Participation in strategic planning sessions for client initiatives

  • Exploration of social analytics and advertising

  • Assisting in content creation and public relations outreach

Want to apply for the position? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Complete a brief survey

  2. Forward your resume to jobs@socialkaty.com with the subject heading “Internship Spring 2014.”

  3. Attach any additional previous examples of work if applicable.

To be considered for the internship program, you must be able to work in our Chicago office, and be at least 18 years old upon applying.

Please note that this is a full-time, unpaid internship which will begin on March 3rd, 2014. College credit is available.



Facebook Ads Glossary Explained - Key Terms & Definitions

Written by Cassidy VanSlyke, Account Manager at SocialKaty

There are many times when I’m analyzing reports in Facebook Ads Manager, and I’m required to take a second look at what a specific term actually means. The many columns and insights available can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming, especially when you’re in a hurry or new to Facebook Advertising!

I’ve included a few definitions of terms cited in ads manager that are easier to understand, once explained. For a complete list of Glossary Ad Terms visit Facebook’s Help Center.

Average CPC

Average cost per click. This is the amount you’re paying on average for each click on your ad.

Total clicks on your ad / cost for that ad during the same time period.

Average CPM

Average cost per thousand impressions. This is the amount paid on average for every thousand views of your ad.

The # of thousands of times your ad is displayed / Cost for that ad during the same time period

As an advertiser, you can select the maximum amount of money you want to spend per 1,000 times your ad is shown. Keep in mind that is is done in an action format, so the spend amount is determined by the competition.


The maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click (if bidding on a CPC basis) or thousand impressions (if bidding on a CPM basis) in ads manager.

Broad Categories:

Allows you to target users who have information in their timelines related to a specific category of interest.


The number of times people liked your Page, RSVP’ed to your event, or installed your app within 28 days of clicking your ad. You can view conversions in the “Conversions by Impression Time” report. Make note that Facebook does not track conversions for ads linking off of Facebook.

Custom Audience

Targeting offline customers (email list, phone number list, Facebook UID list) in Facebook ads, whether or not they are fans of your page.

Event Responses

Event responses are counted as the number of times people RSVPed within 24 hours of seeing your ad.


The average number of times each person saw your ad.


The number of times your ad was viewed. For example, if 200 people saw your ad 2 times, it would equal 400 impressions.

Power Editor

Power Editor is an advanced tool that helps manage multiple campaigns and ads on Facebook. You can create, edit, manage and optimize ads, campaigns, and page posts in bulk, across a large number of different ad accounts and Pages. Facebook also first releases their new advertising features here!

If you use Power Editor, you’re basically an ads expert!

(Image source: http://jessicageorgia.biz/)

Promoted Post

The act of promoting an organic post created for your Facebook page.

Social Reach

The number of unique people who saw an ad with social information. Facebook gives a great example, if 3 people see an ad 2 times each that says a friend likes your Page, it counts as 3 social reaches.

(Image credits: Facebook.com)


Tips For Live Covering An Event With Social Media

Written by Account Managers Kip ReisererAdam Crouch

Conferences and gatherings in a wide variety of industries occur every weekend and typically draw enormous crowds and press.  One event in particular is one of the largest tech conferences in the world and is held in January annually - International CES in Las Vegas.

If a business decides to attend, it’s crucial for its social media outlets to by firing on all cylinders.  Outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram are some of the best ways to live-update your fans and others interested in the conference.

So what are some of the best practices for attending such events?  Here are a few tips that should help you stay ahead of the competition.

Start Following The Hashtag Early

If you know you are going to be attending ahead of time, start following the official hashtag a few weeks prior.  You’ll be able to make connections with other businesses, attendees and reporters and build a relationship which can come in handy at the event.

Constantly Follow The Official Hashtag While At The Event

This one is huge.  Remember - tons of people are following the hashtag who are and ARE NOT physically at the event.  Make sure you’re constantly favoriting anyone using the hashtag and commenting on tweets which may be relevant to your industry.

Prepare Yourself For Poor Connection

Most likely, your cell reception anywhere near a large conference will be absolutely terrible.  If you’re just trying to tweet regularly, there’s a slim chance it will actually go through.  If you want to add a picture, forget about it.  

The best way to not miss out on opportunities is to have someone standing by on a computer - this person doesn’t even have to be in the same building as the event.

Connection is usually very poor and if you can’t refresh your feed on your smartphone, you’re constantly missing opportunity.  Also, if you type a tweet and can’t send it, save it as a draft and send it later.

Reach Out To Bloggers In The Industry Attending The Event

See someone tweet their article about a product at the event?  Tweet at them directly and see if they’d have any interest in learning about your product.

Take Pictures And Use Them

There is no better way to share the experience of being at an event than sharing live pictures within your posts. This will give your fans a better look at where you’re at and how the event looks in person. You can also add quotes, captions or a brief description of what is happening in the photo.

Attend Speakers At The Event

Whenever there are keynote speakers or informational sessions, it is always good to live update these and you can do this by tweeting out specific quotes that were said or photos of the speaker while they address the audience. The more knowledge you can share from the event, the more your audience will feel they were apart of the experience as well.

Have An External Battery On Hand

There is nothing worse than covering an event and your battery life is halfway gone not even half way through the day. By carrying an external battery with you, you’ll be able to upload photos, post updates and consistently execute multiple tasks throughout the entire event and not cut yourself short due to no battery.


Image: SocialKaty Account Manager’s Kip Reiserer [left] and Adam Crouch [right] at CES2014 in Las Vegas. 


3 Ways ABC’s Hit Series #Scandal Is Killin’ It On Twitter

Written by SocialKaty Account Manager Bridgett Colling


I’ve watched every single episode of ABC’s hit series Scandal, about fictional controversy clean-up crew Pope & Associates.

I used to watch online the day after the show aired, and it wasn’t until recently that I happened to tune in to Scandal during its prime time slot. I started browsing the show hashtag during the episode, and I was blown away by how well done the show’s social media was. Ever since, I’ve made time watch every episode on the night it airs just so I can participate in the conversation on Twitter.

Here are the top 3 strategies that @ABCScandal uses to make their Twitter community so good that you don’t mind carving some time out of your Thursday night to tune in.


1. Exclusive access. Scandal brings viewers back week after week by creating characters that its viewers love to watch. It capitalizes on these connections by having its lead actors livetweet during the episodes, where the frequently engage directly with the viewers. Each lead actor and actress (or their assistant, but a girl can dream) is on Twitter all night, livetweeting during each time zone - Eastern, Central and Pacific.


2. Hashtags that hook you. Scandal’s Twitter account is riddled with hashtags. Just a brief skim of their recent tweets feature #Scandal, #ScandalThursday, #AskScandal, #ScandalABC, #Gladiators, #ScandalFashion and #ScandalMoment. As a social media manager, I’m inclined to say that this many hashtags is just too many, but #Scandal pulls it off with elegance. I got so hooked tweeting my thoughts last time I tuned in that I started tweeting about and tagging #ScandalCommericals. I thought I was being funny and original*, but it turns out other people get hooked enough to tweet about the brands that buy ad space during the episodes. The comments may not always be flattering, but it does get people talking.

*I Thought I Was Being Funny and Original is also a title that I’ve considered for my autobiography

3. Valuable content. Scandal is known for its abrupt twists and turns that make its audience collectively go, “WHAAAAAT?!” during every episode. The show’s Twitter handle is right there with them, full of ready-to-share memes and quotes from that episode’s most mind-blowing scenes. show Their perfectly timed content is positioned so that a reactive audience can easily reply to and retweet their favorite moments.


The Most Unique Social Media Campaigns of The Year

Finding dynamic ways to reach influential social media users has become increasingly beneficial and creative. The idea is to get users to do the social media advertising for you by treating the cool kids. You’ve got to earn your brand ambassadors organically, but when you do it’s so worth it.

Music accessory brand, Jabra gained 7.5 unique impressions, for example, by seeking out and giving 25 influential college students a free pair of headphones to hopefully post about on Facebook. This was the result of about 487 likes and 276 comments, according to marketers Sumpto.

We’ve rounded up 6 standout social media campaigns to customize for your brand in the New Year.


source: Telus and Mashable

1. Use tweets as vending machine currency

To help spread the World Wildlife Federation’s conservation message, telecom company Telus set up a vending machine in a Vancouver mall that dispensed plushy pandas in exchange for tweeting #HomeTweetHome. Telus also pledged to give $1 to WWF Canada for every tweet using its hashtag. This was a smart strategic pairing on Telus’s part, which is also known for sustainability (and panda logo), by partnering with an advocacy group of worldwide notoriety. Participants posted residual pics of themselves and friends’ with their new toy. And, come on, who doesn’t like pandas?


source: Starbucks.com/tweet-a-coffee

2. Tweet a free drink to a friend

Is the next drink on you? Starbucks made it as easy as tweeting to someone a $5 gift card. Users simply link up their Twitter accounts at the three step Tweet-a-Coffee site and type “@tweetsacoffee to @____(friend’s handle)_____,” add a short note if you want and an eGift card is sent to redeem right off their phones in a Starbucks. Starbucks also partnered with Visa to reward the first 100,000 senders a $5 eGift card for themselves (if you used a Visa card of course). Starbucks has a similar set-up on Facebook since 2011. Not only does the Twitter program increase followers but it lso drives sales present and future (people typically spend over the limit of gift cards and some 20% are never redeemed, statistically). Simple and genius.


source:@BirchboxMan Instagram

3. Make Instagram’s minimal features work for you

Monthly subscription club, BirchBox prides itself in being a tastemaker in men’s skincare and lifestyle products. So, when BirchBoxMan’s social media team has giveaways for full products, they turn to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the word out, asking users to take pics with their hashtags. Notably, BirchBoxMan uses, and frequently changes, Instagram’s profile link to direct users to current promotions’ rules. Users can also like, share and comment on Facebook to be entered to win some promos. The tech-conscious company also throws Instagram photo contents awarding points for discounts on their online shop.


source: Pepsi Co. YouTube Channel

4. Exchange soft drinks for friends (via Facebook)

Who says buying friends won’t make you popular? Certainly not Pepsi, which launched a vending machine that gives away free sodas for liking them on Facebook. The only currency here are likes, so no money is ever exchanged, and can be done simply by phone (or from the dispenser’s own touchscreen). You are also prompted to choose your favorite Pepsi product to dispense. Pepsi tested this “Like Machine” at a Beyonce concert in Belgium to great success. It’s a perfect way to see exactly who’s interested in your product and what their preferences are using Facebook analytics.


source: @WarbyParker Instagram

5. Be as unique and photogenic as your product

This winter, stylish eyewear company, Warby Parker has been rewarding gift card purchases with a crafty snowman building kit. It’s a little something extra that shows off Warby Parker’s young, quirky side. On Instagram, Warby Parker posted their own snowmen pics, some even wearing their glasses, resulting in fans posting their own too using the hashtag #WarbySnowman. Many users couldn’t resist such an Instagram-able treat with distinctive blue buttons matching Warby Parker’s branding.


source: Sumpto’s Facebook

6. Scratch the backs of influential brand ambassadors

The business model of marketing startup, Sumpto is to entice popular Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users (those with lots of friends) to organically promote products in exchange for samples. Geared towards college students in particular, Sumpto partners with brands looking to spread awareness via social media—companies like PopChips, Greek Life Threads, Pure Fix Cycles and others. While Sumpto specializes in doing this en masse for companies, there’s no reason why you can’t send YOUR product for review from those influential in your demographic.


A Day in the life at SocialKaty (explained in GIFs)

When Joe says, “Jake, we need to update the blog”


And I’m just getting back into the office from Christmas break:


So let’s go into a day in the life of a SocialKaty employee.


Finding the door to 116 W Hubbard Street:


What it’s like to adjust the office stereo:


What it’s like to organize my notes after a client call:


What it’s like to attend a workshop on Google+


Getting psyched up for the Braintree Tech Community Dodgeball Tournament:


Here’s what I was like the day my office nemesis, Whitney, was hired:


When Tiffany suggests Chick-fil-A for lunch:


Here’s what I was like preparing for our Google Analytics certification:


Forgetting to turn off your Facebook notifications


Except when you get Zero likes, Zero Comments, Zero Shares…


When you check to see if anyone is in the sales office


When someone tries to do social media in house:


When someone asks about MySpace:


When someone says “You can’t drive traffic from Reddit.”


When Andy talks about different advertising options we have:


When I try to get our coworkers to meet at Rossi’s after work:


What I’m thinking every time we go to Belly’s office*:


*just kidding, Craig.

When a client comes into our office:


Doing Yoga on Thursdays:


Waiting for summer hours to return:


When Joe asks, “Jake, did you finish that blog post?”



2014’s Hottest Social Media Trends

We’re concluding the year of cat memes, success kid, and Twitter feuds, and things are heating up in our digital world. A recent study from Adobe stated that social media marketing remains the most important marketing area of concern for the upcoming three years, and most brands understand the impact that social media can have on their business and are ready to roll with its evolution. So, what’s to expect in the new year?


1. Image & Video Takeover

Textual content is boring, images and videos are viral. Out-of-the-box platforms like Snapchat and Vine are being utilized by brands to make connections with potential customers. The addition of Facebook’s video auto-play in your news feed makes short advertisements that much easier to consume. Also, Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon. Make your content less likely to be skipped over by incorporating eye-catching branded photos.

2. Using Google+ to Increase Search Engine Traffic

In August, MOZ found that a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. In 2014, having a well-designed, active Google+ page is more important for SEO rankings than actual page engagement. Posting share-worthy, keyword heavy content regularly can boost your search ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

3. Appealing To Younger Generations On Mobile

When’s the last time you went to twitter.com at your desktop? Most of us (especially those in the 18-32 age group) consume our social media on mobile devices. We use our phones mostly for entertainment and accessibility, and we want content that’s easy to read and interact with. Sites that aren’t optimized for mobile may have lower SEO, so it’s important that your brand obtains a robust mobile presence.