5 Tips to Effectively Use Facebook for Customer Service

By Nick Miller, Account Manager at SocialKaty, Inc. 

For many people, Facebook is the first place they go after a negative experience with a company. Whether they recount the experience on their own page or share it on the company’s official page, the bad review is there for all of their connections and company’s fans to see. Smart companies will be proactive and do what they can to right the situation with the individual less proactive companies will ignore it, or worse, delete it, and slowly watch their reputations dwindle.

The best way to combat a negative customer interaction over social media is to use Facebook as a live customer service channel. Here are 5 tips to turn your company’s Facebook page into an effective customer service tool.

1. Listen

If the page has been active for a while but you are just now starting to implement a customer service strategy, you might not like what you see when you look back at old comments. Chances are you will find questions left unanswered, complaints that were ignored, and a lot of missed opportunities to show customers the good your company can do. Learn from the missed opportunities and look for common themes in the comments. This will help you prepare for future ones.

2. Script

In order to maximize the amount of time devoted to customer service on Facebook, prepare scripted answers to the most common questions and concerns. Build an action plan for serious complaints so the conversation moves from the public page to a private email. Always provide the direct customer service email or telephone number in responses so customers know they have more options. You’ll be surprised by how many people don’t realize these options are available.

3. Record

Every customer interaction on Facebook should be recorded in a spreadsheet. This will help you identify trends and themes among the questions so you can adapt your business, keep track of your productivity, and have a second place to reference the conversations at a later time.

4. Think Ahead

The best way to avoid a serious customer service blow up on Facebook is to address any issues before your customers have the chance to. If an issue arises, post an update on the page sharing all relevant information and answering all potential questions so your customers are aware and not confused or upset.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Even with the best planning negative situations are going to happen. The best thing you can do as an account manager or customer service representative is to navigate your way through the situation as respectfully as possible. When it’s over, examine the situation and identify what could have been done differently to change the outcome.


How to Make a Gif

Following the exciting news this week that gifs are now an accepted photo format on Twitter, we held a team learning session on how to make gifs of our own! One of our fabulous new interns, Nicole Sievers, is an expert on the subject and taught the SocialKaty team everything we needed to know. Now that we’ve learned, we wanted to share the information with you!  


Creating gifs from video

1. Download video from Youtube/screen capture on Quicktime

        Screen capture w/ Quicktime

1.     File > new screen recording

2.     Click record when black box pops up

3.     Drag selection box around area you want to capture (make sure “show mouse clicks in recording” is turned off (white arrow drop down in black new recording box))

4.     To save: click the close button on the box, an option to save will come up, just save it as a movie

Both Firefox and Chrome have video download add-ons

You can also just import a video from file

2. Open Photoshop (hoping everyone is on CS6 or that anything lower is the same steps…)

3. File > Open as Smart Object →  You can also do File > Import > Video frames to layers, but unless you feel comfortable editing layers separately, stick with the smart object option.

4. When video loads, click “create video timeline” (if you don’t see this option, your timeline might not be enabled. Window > Timeline)

5. Drag to section you want gif-ed and click the scissor button on the left hand menu in the timeline section

6. Add text to gif if you want

7. If the gif seems to be moving slow, check the fps setting – could be slow (60fbs is the fastest setting)

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.25.17 AM.png

8. Save for Web

9. Change dimensions

10. Make sure to set loop options to forever (bottom right in save screen)

11. Save

Now you’re ready to gif away! 


Meet one of our fabulous new interns, Sehare Hemani

So…My name is Sehare and most people worry they’ll mispronounce my name or decide to call me Sahara but it’s really just as simple as it looks - Se-hare. I’m from Dayton, Ohio but really a nomad at heart. I went to school at UCLA to study Mass Communications. I spent a few years working in the Petroleum industry but recently got married, moved to Chicago, and decided to return to the marketing field.

So the decision was to return to marketing was easy, but I soon realized how much the market had changed since my last marketing job in 2010. While looking for a job I noticed that social media insights were a required skill for most of the positions that interested me. Now, a little background about me – I’ve tweeted about once in my entire Twitter life, instagrammed maybe 3-4 times and did not know what snapchat was until a couple months ago. Clearly, there was a lot to learn! So I decided to take a few steps back, told myself I wasn’t ready to take on a job without spending some time learning about social media marketing and started looking for an internship. That’s where SocialKaty came into the picture – I’m excited to be around and learn from innovative thinkers who are staying at the forefront of the evolving social media marketing world.

Fun fact - I grew up moving around the world - by age 15 I had lived in 6 different countries - Pakistan, Kenya, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, and USA. Also, I’m a huge dog-lover…I’m currently dealing with withdrawals from having left my husky (Mya) in Ohio…we Facetime every weekend :)


SocialKaty is looking for a design intern!

Hey Designers! Want internship experience designing for multiple types of clients in a fast-paced, dynamic environment? We thought so.


SocialKaty is looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic candidate for our Summer 2014 Design Internship! The selective three-month internship at our River North office in Chicago provides hands-on experience working with our design team to create visually interesting content for multiple clients. You’ll have the opportunity to create innovative social campaigns, design promotions & posts and dabble in a bit of branding as well!

This opportunity will allow you to better understand the best practices of designing for the digital space while building the foundation for a career in an ever-changing creative world.

You will be exposed to a number of learning environments throughout the program such as:

  • Training on social media marketing & what it takes to design for social

  • Grow your design abilities while creating content for online communities

  • Learn what types of images grab the attention needed for the digital space

  • Participation in strategic planning sessions for client initiatives

  • Work with a team to build large campaigns for awesome businesses

Want to apply for the position? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Complete a brief survey

  2. Forward your resume to jobs@socialkaty.com with the subject heading “Design Internship Summer 2014”

  3. Attach your resume

  4. Give us a link to your portfolio

To be considered for the internship program, you must be able to work in our Chicago office, and be at least 18 years old upon applying.

Please note that this is a full-time, unpaid internship which will begin on June 2nd, 2014. College credit is available.



Calling all social media enthusiasts! Want internship experience in a fast-paced, dynamic, and culturally unique environment?

SocialKaty is looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic candidates for our Summer 2014 Internship Program! The selective three-month internship at our River North office in Chicago provides hands-on experience working with our team of community managers to implement successful and unique cross-platform social media campaigns, promotions and contests for retailers, restaurants, e-commerce sites, tech platforms and dozens of awesome businesses.

Collaborate with Account Managers, designers, and our management team to better understand the mechanics and best practices of marketing through social media channels and build the foundation for a career in the social media field.

You will be exposed to a number of learning environments throughout the program such as:

  • Training on Facebook, Twitter, and content marketing

  • Certification in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

  • Creation and daily management of your own online community

  • Participation in strategic planning sessions for client initiatives

  • Exploration of social analytics and Facebook advertising

  • Assisting in content creation and public relations outreach

Want to apply for the position? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Complete a brief survey

  2. Forward your resume to jobs@socialkaty.com with the subject heading “Internship Summer 2014.”

  3. Attach any additional previous examples of work if applicable.

To be considered for the internship program, you must be able to work in our Chicago office, and be at least 18 years old upon applying.

Please note that this is a full-time, unpaid internship which will begin on June 2nd, 2014. College credit is available.



SocialKaty Is Looking For A Sales Intern


We are looking for an energetic and motivated Sales Intern to join our company! Are you the perfect fit for this position? Read on: 

About SocialKaty:

Based in downtown Chicago, SocialKaty is a full service social media marketing agency that leverages technology to manage online communities for brands. We are a team of highly skilled Community Managers that execute and maintain campaigns that spread awareness through conversation to targeted audiences and ultimately accelerate business growth. SocialKaty’s services include day-to-day management of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and blogs for brands as well as social advertising, social contests, design and development.

Job Summary:

We are looking for someone to assist the President in completing tasks such as data entry, and researching leads. This is a unique opportunity to learn and understand the sales process for one of the fastest-growing, pure play social media marketing firms in the country.  This internship could potentially lead to a full-time position at SocialKaty. 

Reports to:

Reports directly to Katy Lynch, President of SocialKaty. 


Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, or related field

Know how to effectively use the internet for research

Strong writing and communication skills

Working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop a plus

Must be assertive, outgoing, creative, hard-working, resourceful, independent thinker who is greatly interested in working in the Social Media realm

Job Duties:

Attend daily meetings with Katy

Research businesses that need a robust social media campaign

Learn to develop grassroots efforts – i.e. getting materials printed (posters,
flyers for trade shows)

Work with President in the planning and execution of events, trade shows, birthday parties

Learn to create and maintain databases and spreadsheets

Basic office duties such as copying, faxing, emailing, and searching the internet

To apply:

Please send your resume immediately to katy@socialkaty.com


Join the SocialKaty Team Today!


Our team is looking to add a new member ready to assert their skills as a storyteller, publicist, and/or strategic analyst in the digital space. Qualified applicants must enjoy free coffee, life and awesome co-workers. These require being located in Chicago and working from our River North offices!

If you think you are ready for the challenge - we’d love to see your name in the jobs@socialkaty.com inbox. Just send a resume, links any social projects you’ve executed, and complete this quick survey.   

For specific details on the role including expectations and desired skills - check out our previous postings.  


Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?!

By Patrick Cuttica, Account Manager at SocialKaty, Inc.

I’ve asked myself this question the last three times I’ve driven on the Edens on my way into the city from O’Hare Airport. In fact, after the second time, I actually set a mental reminder to make sure I looked again — perhaps a little harder — the next time I was driving East on the Edens from O’Hare. Maybe if I was more prepared, ready for it, I’d get a better idea of what this giant, ridiculously bright digital billboard hanging on the side of an otherwise nondescript warehouse-looking brick building was promoting; or, at the very least, I’d be able to determine whose billboard it was.

No such luck.

Fast forward a couple of months and I have my answer. Apparently, it is the property and creative genius of Command Transportation, a Chicago-based logistics company (freight broker) with offices in Kansas City, St. Louis & Houston.

It seems that a witty, well-timed Olympics-meets-Pop-Culture themed meme (of sorts) on the almost blinding electronic sign has garnered a slew of attention from major media outlets. Nothing like leveraging Justin Bieber and the Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Qualifying Game to draw attention to yourself.

But, despite the slew of media coverage, did this publicity really give them the results they wanted (or think they deserve for being so witty)? It appears not:


As a digital marketer who is constantly thinking in terms of increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic, acquiring more downloads, sign-ups or customers, etc., this intrigued me.

While Command Transportation bemoans their inability to capture elusive Facebook “Likes” from such a timely and witty campaign — one that, dare I say it, may be bordering on “going viral” — I can’t help but thinking, in a broader sense, that they are really on to something.

One visit to their Twitter account, cleverly chosen as @CommandSign, will demonstrate that this isn’t their first crack at creating timely, relevant memes that would make just about anyone laugh — and maybe even put them in the same breath as Oreo or Arby’s with regards to timeliness and relevancy.


Whether they realize it or not (I think they do, kind of), @CommandSign is a perfect example of successfully marrying the old-school with the new reality in the marketing world. Essentially, they are taking the ingredients that make up a successful social media marketing tactic online (ie, sharing a funny meme on Facebook or sending a perfectly timed, clever tweet like Arby’s or Oreo), and they are broadcasting this content through a more traditional “old-school” media channel offline — a billboard.

How could they?! Print is dead! — you say? Apparently not, if you apply a little creativity and innovation. That said, getting back to their lament over being properly credited and rewarded for their wittiness, I’d offer two suggestions:

1. Your signs are well thought out and hilarious, but no one knows who you are!

  • It’s analogous to the @GSElevator Twitter handle in the sense that you’re catching people’s attention with snarky, borderline offensive (maybe to some) content; yet the only difference is, @GSElevator chooses to remain anonymous — it’s part of the schtick. This should not be the case for you, @CommandSign. How about you put a Command Transportation sign up somewhere on that massive brick wall next to the glowing billboard. Or, at the very least, put your Twitter handle in the bottom corner of each new meme you project on that sign!

2. If you’re going to be snarky (and hilarious) on the actual Command Sign, maintain that snarky and hilarious brand voice on the digital @CommandSign.

  • When, for whatever odd reason, people bombarded you on Twitter with requests to republish the photo of your sign, don’t just reply with “go right ahead” or “permission granted” (see below). Instead, oblige (seeing as though they didn’t really need to ask you anyway), but reply in the voice your billboard would, like: “Sure, maybe we’ll take a photo of your office someday too.” Even better, engage in actual conversation and get them to talk about your brand by replying with something like, “Yes, but only if you can explain what Command Transportation does.”

At the end of the day, we say kudos to you Command Transportation. We love what you’re doing with the @CommandSign, and we want to see you get the credibility you deserve as well!



Want to Get More Creative? A Designer’s Tips for Finding Inspiration.

Written by Cassie Oakes

Being the designer at SocialKaty puts a lot of creativity on my plate, but there are some days where it doesn’t come as easily as others. Throughout the day I rely on several different things to bring me inspiration. My favorite is to go for a walk… but this insane Chicago winter doesn’t make that very easy. Here are a few websites that can help you get creative when the creativity doesn’t seem to be flowing.


Being a virtual portfolio for creatives all over the world, Behance has great potential for inspiration.

Instead of looking at Social Media campaigns for your inspiration, try looking in a completely different direction. Getting your mind off the issue at hand is a great way to trick the mind into thinking up some amazing ideas.

Creative Bloq:

Print, web, 3D, tutorials & so much more all rolled into one. What could be better?!

Games! Oh - they’ve got those too.


They have a bit of everything, but every post seems to be the best of the best.

Some posts even involve science experience to take it one step nerdier like the above.


Now that you’ve got all those ideas… what are you going to do with them? That’s where 99U comes in.

You need to be able to prioritize and organize those thoughts to get anywhere!

For those of you who aren’t as into the design side of things, Pinterest can be a great place to find that inspiration you are looking for. Just keep in mind that looking in a different direction can lead to something amazing!

Now get out there and get inspired!