The SocialKaty Crew Attend playCHIC 2012 

On Wednesday evening, the Social Katy team had the pleasure of attending the 1st Annual playCHIC Fashion Show, presented by the Chicago Toy & Game Group at City Winery.

The concept of the show had our interest piqued when we heard the words “toys”, “games”, and “fashion show” used in one genre, but the creativity from these talented designers did not disappoint!

As told by playCHIC, the show “[brought] play to the people in fresh in relevant ways….This fundamental play pattern has propelled the Fashion Industry’s best and brightest talents to [design and pioneer] new looks that let all of us experience the joys of self-exploration- all by simply changing our clothes!” - Chicago Toy & Game Group

Six designers sent their monumental creations down the runway, coupled with the most adorable toddlers we’ve ever seen; (we think their cuteness almost stole the show!).

Moshi Monsters
with Be Fore

Be Fore is known for fusing product and fashion on the runway, and her hi-low dress is simply one of a kind. She incorporated current trends with the Moshi Monsters, an online gaming experience with friendly Monster themed adventures, games, puzzles and more:

Word Winder
with Gideon Tolbert
Chicago Bulls exclusive designer Gideon and nephew to Design Star participant, Barbara Bates, currently manages one of the city’s most couture fabric houses: Fishman’s Fabrics. He specializes in custom creations and styling, so when it came to incorporating his style with Word Winder, his design was nothing short of haute. Word Winder is “The World’s Most Syndicated Puzzle Creator”, with original board games, mobile apps, puzzle books and more, delivered to more than 7 million users daily.

Settlers of Catan
with Miriam Cecilia
Designer Miriam Cecilia is no stranger to the runway. She was housed in Chicago’s Fashion Incubator, and shown in Fashion Focus, our unofficial Fashion Week, for the past few years. When it came to incorporating her skill to Settlers of Catan, the details in both the male and female garments were quite couture. Settlers of Catan is one of the best selling games of all time. Players cultivate their own world and civilization in villages of Catan, earning awards and medals for their accomplishments in ruling the city.

Annie the Musical
With Elda de la Rosa
Elda de la Rosa is a custom designer, creating elegant gowns from cocktail to bridal dresses. From Rockford, Illinois by way of Mexico, she has been featured in Red Hot Chicago and the Chicago Tribune for her creative ingenuity. When it came to capturing the elegance of Annie the musical through her signature color and character, the design was spot on!

Elena also created the look for “Brenda Star”: the most famous comic book character and reporter debuting in the 1940’s. Brenda Star was a contemporary woman before her time with work, career, and fashion all apart of her persona. All of which is  proudly displayed in de la Rosa’s functional and chic interpretation of the Power Suit.

Pony Royale
featuring Nade Baer

Nade Baer helms from Chicago with a luxury brand clothing line tailored for the modern woman. She incorporated the whimsical elements of Pony Royale into her creation, by conveying the ‘Princess’ theme from head to toe! Pony Roayle is the ultimate toy for every little girl to reveal the Princes within. Interchangeable accessories of all colors, and personalities, Pony Royale is the ultimate toy for play and originality:

You can find each designer on twitter at @MoshiMonsters, @Nade_Baer, @Elda_de_la_Rosa, & @MiriaMCecilia, and be sure to follow @playCHICshow for stylish updates and future event details. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of the crowd at City Winery, and we cannot wait until next year! You’ve even inspired the SocialKaty crew to #playCHIC: